Save Money with an Electrical Panel Replacement

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Has your old fuse panel been giving you trouble? Have your lights been flickering on and off randomly? If so, don't risk trying to figure it out yourself - turn to Lotus Electric instead in Duluth & Hermantown, MN. Our top-notch electricians will come to your home to perform an electrical panel replacement. We'll make sure that your electrical upgrade is up to par with regulation standards.

Don't risk an old fuse box damaging your home. Get in touch with us today for your electrical upgrade.

3 reasons to upgrade your fuse box

It might not seem important, but getting an electrical panel replacement can save you a ton of money and trouble. Upgrading your old fuse box can:

  • 1. Prevent fires due to electrical overload.
  • 2. Increase your home's electrical efficiency.
  • 3. Lower your insurance premiums.

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